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African Dresses, Tribal Clothing 

At Afro Fashionista we focus on bringing you quality, stylish handmade clothing for every woman and every budget. Our boutique was formed not only out of our love for African prints but our admiration of the diverse colours and styles of women across Africa regardless of size, religion or culture. Afro Fashionista is a great place to find unique tribal dresses and tribal clothing, Abayas, Muslim dresses,  boho dresses, African print dresses and African clothing, African attire dresses, Ankara dresses and maxi dresses, vintage dresses and 50s style dresses as well as ethnic accessories and handbags 

Clothing doesn't come any more unique and savvy than the beautiful range available here at Afro Fashionista. Whether you need a dress to freshen up your eveyday look or an accessory to transform a simple dress we are here to provide. We cover every style for every woman and we know how important it is for every woman to look their best, that is why we not only design unique and fresh clothing but we also offer stylist recommendations and advice on how to pair your clothes to complete your street savvy look

Authentic and Limited: We are proud to say that none of our products are mass produced. Our products are carefully made both in the UK and in Turkey,only top quality fabrics are used of which are created in both Holland and West Africa. Customers can browse through our selection of Limited edition clothing as well as our unique and handmade accessories. Be sure to use our custom made option if you cannot find your size or if you prefer a different length to any of our dresses. For more information on bespoke and custom orders please contact admin@afrofashionista.com with your personal request. Rest assured that our designs are limited and authentic

Stress Free: We have made it our aim to bring you the African and Tribal fashion you love with minimum stress. Here in the online shop you can browse through a multitude of fashion items using our easily navigable store, selecting the clothes, shoes and accessories you need to transform your look or keep you up to date with the latest styles. Choose the products you love or rely on our recommendations to kit you out with the best new looks for you. 

Risk Free Shopping: Shop at Afro Fashionista Risk Free. All orders are shipped with tracking codes and we offer a 14 day returns service from receipt of order. 

Fair Trading: Afro Fashionista not only creates and selects the most unique of products but we do so whilst giving back to the community. We are here to support local communities accross Africa through fair trading. In return we give 5% of all our monthly intakes to our orphanage in Ghana completed last year thanks to all our regular customers. In addition to this our unique range of handmade Tuareg and Fulani jewellery fairly traded with locals accross Mali and Niger helps support these Sahelian communities in time of hardship 

Newsletter and Blog: Sign up to our weekly newsletter by entering your email address in the newsletter box for more style updates and latest designs. Last but not least follow our daily blog where we will reveal to you the very latest trends accross Africa as well as style inspirations. Check out our style diary and look book for further inspirations on styling print dresses. A platform for not only fashion but art, culture and design. Have a happy Afro shopping experience and don't forget to tell your friends..